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Aadyant, which is formed by the sandhi of "Adi" and "Anth", the beginning and the end is associated with child development, using highly researched and practically sound techniques. Aadyant is where education is about imparting knowledge, its about encouraging children to do significant things with what they've learnt.

Our first initiative has been in the pre-school segment. Our primary-school campus in Vasant Kunj, South Delhi sprawling over an acre with excellent facilities, is currently till class 1 with a plan to go up to class 5. Our unique teaching methodology is a combination of Montessori and activity based learning techniques. This includes the approach of “Think while playing • Do • Learn”. The curriculum focuses on inquiry-based learning. The curriculum invites children to hypothesize, theorize, predict, problem solve, construct and document their developing understandings of the world in which they live. Our approach acknowledges the socio-cultural principle that children learn from quality interactions and relationships with people, places and things; exploring and discovering in an affirmative environment.


It is our vision to impart the finest quality of education, which is more than imparting knowledge; it’s about encouraging students to do significant things through fun filled activities, keeping in mind that every student is special and unique. Our goal is to provide highly researched and practically sound learning methodology and an environment which is designed to stimulate learning and development.

The Tomorrow In Which We Believe A world that is at peace, And nations that fight no wars. Cities that are clean and green, And Earth that carries no scars. With humans who believe in harmony, And families that know no strife, Where children with the hope of tomorrow, Complete the Full Circle of Life.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board of the Aadyant includes leading educationists and eminent personalities. We are privileged to have the advice and guidance of these accomplished individuals. We have benefitted greatly by their vast experience and their valuable suggestions. Aadyant continues to be steered by the distinguished men and women who constitute our esteemed Advisory Board.

Mr. Kapil Dev
Former Captain - Indian Cricket Team

Mrs. Cheryl Rawat
Former Sr. Consultant - The British School

Mrs. LataVaidyanathan
Former Principal - Modern School, Barakhamba Road

Major General Narinder Singh
Chairman Board of Governors - Springdales School

Dr. Rahul Nagpal
Head of Department,Pediatrics at Fortis Hospitals